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A Collection of 3,000 algorithmically generated Retro Pandas that are each unique in their own way.

With a nod to "better times" these Pandas know how to ...


BUN Tokens Can Be Claimed Daily For All Retro Pandas You Hold.

BUN Tokens can be used to mint Pandanators and other future features coming in our Pandaverse.

1 BUN = 1 BUN


Phase 1

Launch 3,000 AMAZING Retro Pandas for holders of "ANOTHER NFT". Utilizing the power of community to right a wrong.

Phase 2

Retro Panda holders can now begin to claim their BUN tokens.

Phase 3

Use your BUN tokens to mint Pandanators (which yield even MORE BUN)!

Phase 4

Develop cool community driven projects that are realistic, thought provoking, and/or useful...Sorry no comic books, merch, etc.


Dumb Investor-Whale/Legal

Luke Nukem-Artist

Disgruntled Pandas



The Retro Pandas project is a spin-off from the Drunken Pandas NFT project which has stalled in its roadmap execution. In much the same way Mork & Mindy spun-off from Happy Days, the Retro Pandas have grabbed their walk-men, trimmed up their mullets, and suited up in their finest neon outfits to move to a new home where our community-led spin-off project will be launched.

While Retro Pandas is not affiliated with DrunkenPandas, it was born from that great community. We will be leveraging the time and investment you made in DrunkenPandas to provide a free mint (you only pay gas) of a Retro Panda for each Drunken Panda you hold. These new Retro Pandas not only look amazing, but they will have a great deal of utility as well. Plans include the creation of our own token, $BUN, along with staking and farming mechanisms to provide growth for those who wish to participate.

Please join our new discord to learn more and to begin the process to secure your Retro Panda as we unlock the real value of this community!